PS4 Vs Xbox One

PS4 Vs Xbox One: Comparing current gaming consoles

PS4 Vs Xbox One: Gossipy tidbits are beginning to twirl about new amusements comforts from Microsoft and Sony not too far off, however, we’re not prone to see them this side of 2020. In any case, indeed, we’re not prepared for them yet in any case – this is the prime time of the present reassure age when organizations have sunk into the mood and are discharging a steady stream of incredible amusements that push the equipment as far as possible. If you haven’t just hopped in, now is an immaculate time, and to enable you to choose which comfort is for you, New Atlas is contrasting the specs and highlights of Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4, and Nintendo’s Switch.

Meet the consoles

While there’s a lot of hybrids, apparently, the three fundamental players are each extraordinary focusing on corners of the gaming market. Microsoft is attempting to take into account a more extensive diversion gathering of people by making the Xbox One an “across the board” center point, coming in amusements, gushing video and music, and even live TV. Sony is more centered around the entertainments themselves, offering an extensive variety of titles from kid-accommodating platformers to violent, dirty shooters and develop story-driven undertakings. And afterward there’s the ever-eccentric Nintendo, which has for a considerable length of time nailed the Disney strategy of taking into account kids without shunning grown-ups, and now discharged a reassure that can be connected to a TV at home or gone up against the go.

It’s likewise important that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have gotten mid-age equipment updates, as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. We’ve included them in this gathering since they both speak to nice strides up from the base models – and when we say “base models,” we’re alluding to the Xbox One S and PS4 “Thin,” which were discharged in 2016 to supplant the maturing dispatch releases.


Sony and Microsoft both worked intimately with chip maker AMD to outline the brains of their new consoles. The outcomes in the two cases are related custom chipsets called Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), which consolidate both the CPU and GPU into one chip.

While the execution contrasts are dim and confounded, the two organizations depend on teraFLOPS (skimming activities every second) as the fundamental metric, and in such manner the PS4 had the lead with the first dispatch reassures, before Microsoft destroyed Sony with the Xbox One X – which is, actually, the most powerful diversions comfort at any point made.

Nintendo, in the interim, doesn’t worry about teraFLOPS. It banded together with Nvidia rather, who adjusted the Tegra X1 chipset to breath life into the Switch. Specs are challenging to find. However, it’s a long way shy of the opposition for unadulterated snort. It’s amazing for a compact gadget, and Nintendo’s cartoony visuals for the most part complete a brilliant activity of camouflaging specialized weaknesses.


The Xbox One S, PS4, and PS4 Pro all have 8 GB of RAM, yet Sony’s machines are utilizing the quicker GDDR5 write. With the Xbox One X, Microsoft jumped Sony by moving up to that same sort and packing in 12 GB. The Switch is substance to utilize only 4 GB of a free RAM.


The base model Xbox and PlayStation accompany either 500 GB or 1 TB of storage room, while the propelled forms dropped the lower level. The Nintendo Switch has an entirely immaterial 32 GB, which will top off fast on the off chance that you enjoy the eShop.

Extra storage

On the off chance that you do top off the hard drive, the capacity on every one of the five of these consoles can be extended by connecting an external drive to the USB ports or, on account of the Switch, opening in another MicroSD card.


The PS4 Pro is the bulkiest of the cluster, being impressively both longer and more extensive than the Xbox One X. The overhauled base PS4, however, is slimmer than the Xbox One S – albeit in general, it doesn’t have much effect on your front room setup.

The special case where an estimate is a factor is the Nintendo Switch, being a compact gadget. In that sense, it’s somewhat greater than your normal tablet, making it simple to slide into a pack to take wherever.


Both of Microsoft’s machines are significantly heavier than their adversaries, yet once more, this doesn’t make a difference for a container that you’re not moving around excessively. The compact Switch is the featherweight of the gathering, tipping the scales at about 400 g – that is lighter than an iPad Pro.


Presently we’re getting to the critical stuff. Full HD is the new standard, with each of the five consoles yielding to TVs at a determination of 1080p. Both Xboxes are fit for 4K visuals with High Dynamic Range (HDR), even though the Xbox One X renders at 4K locally while the S upscales from FHD. The PS4 Pro additionally ups the visuals of select diversions to 4K and HDR.

Nintendo is a related newcomer to HD, and 1080p is as beautiful as the Switch’s visuals get. Undock it and utilize the implicit screen, and that figure will drop back to 720p.

Media format

Albeit advanced downloads and spilling are winding up progressively essential, each of the five consoles still helps physical media. The Xboxes and PlayStations would all be able to play Blu-Ray films and diversions, and also your old DVD gathering.

Turning optical media doesn’t cut it in a hurry, however, so to decrease the moving parts Nintendo has run with a memory card framework for the Switch. The diversion cards are thicker variants of those utilized as a part of earlier compact frames like the DS and 3DS.

Online service

Gone are the times of playing multiplayer diversions online for nothing – servers cost cash to run you know. Every one of the three organizations presently charges for the administration, yet the costs are entirely sensible: US$60 multi-year each for both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. To sweeten the arrangement, the two administrations give individuals rebates on the advanced store and toss in free recreations that cycle month to month.

Exclusive games

For the present, playing Switch amusements online is free until September, when the Nintendo Online administration takes off. From that point forward, it’s only $20 multi-year and again incorporates free exemplary amusements, rebates and a cloud reinforcement benefit for your valuable spare documents.

Block n-mortar stores are going the method for the dinosaurs, with all consoles having their computerized customer facing facades. These are altogether stacked with current titles, general deals, and solid accumulations of works of art from previous consoles. Bits of gossip are proposing that the cutting edge may move to be completely computerized, with no requirement for physical circles and cards – even though whether that sounds like a smart thought to you will most likely rely upon how great your neighborhood web speeds are.

One of the key offering purposes of any given reassure is the nature of its elite diversions, and Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have large establishments they run out to influence their machines to emerge.

Nintendo’s first-party lineup is especially solid, with 30-year staples like Mario and Zelda added to its repertoire. The Switch is home to ostensibly the best amusements in these establishments – Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild – alongside awesome variants of Splatoon, Mario Kart, Kirby and Donkey Kong. Two other gigantic special features are expected before the finish of the year also, like Pokémon and Super Smash Bros.

Classic games

Sony has kicked a considerable measure of objectives this age as well, with the fourth diversions in the God of War and Uncharted establishments switching up their recipes and incredible new IP like Horizon Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human. Also, the up and coming continuation of The Last of Us is a standout amongst the most foreseen diversions of… well, ever.

Microsoft may have bobbled a little on the select front of late. However, it’s not without its contributions. Auto nuts can lose themselves in a few Forza amusements, while the serious canons of Halo and Gears of War as of now have titles out and new ones in transit. The Xbox One is likewise the main place to play the open-world zombie survivor sim State of Decay 2 and Rare’s privateer themed Sea of Thieves.

Every one of the consoles makes utilization of the deep backlists from every one of the organizations. Xbox One has a direct Backwards Compatibility highlight, where you can open in the circles of select unique Xbox, and Xbox 360 recreations and the support will remember it and download a virtual form for nothing out of pocket. The library of perfect amusements is consistently developing, as well.

Other media

While PlayStation 4 doesn’t read old plates, it has a group of unique PlayStation, PS2 and PS3 diversions available to be purchased on the digital store, and accessible to stream Netflix-style through the different administration, PlayStation Now.

Although Nintendo has a dynamic list to mine, it hasn’t done as such yet with the Switch. Frustratingly there don’t appear to be any plans to bring a Virtual Console shopfront, seen on the Wii and Wii U, to the new gadget. However, the up and coming Online administration will incorporate 20 free NES recreations with the guarantee of additional to be included consistently.

Consoles are about something other than diversions nowadays. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube, and Twitch are among the real video gushing administrations accessible on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, with Sony including its administrations like PlayStation Vue and Video.

Microsoft situated the Xbox One as an “across the board” stimulation box, and (if you live in the US) you can likewise run your live TV, and link box through the reassure if you need to utilize it as a DVR.

Nintendo has been entirely peaceful on the video front and keeping in mind that there are bits of gossip that any semblance of Netflix will convey applications to the stage down the track, the just a single to do as such so far is Hulu.


These consoles have a few different controller setups.

The Xbox One accompanies a standard controller that is generally a refined adaptation of the Xbox 360 model. There’s likewise a top-notch variant called the Elite, which incorporates replaceable parts and hair triggers for additional exactness. Lastly, if you loved the enormous cumbersome monster that was the first Xbox’s controller (tenderly nicknamed the “Duke”), Microsoft has re-discharged a form of that too.

The PS4’s standard controller is the DualShock 4, the most current emphasis of an outline that has not changed much since the PlayStation 1 days. The most important new component is the large trackpad in the center, which can be drawn on like a touchscreen or squeezed in like a catch. For PSVR clients, there’s likewise the movement detecting PS Move wands.

The Switch has had the most extraordinary refresh to its control conspire throughout the last Nintendo reassure. The fundamental controllers are the little, Wii Remote-like things called Joy-Con, which pack movement is detecting abilities and also a large group of customary catches, thumbsticks, and triggers. These can connect to the sides of the primary support in handheld mode, or open into a plastic hold that influences it to feel like a more traditional controller.

For the more customary gamer, the Pro Controller has a more time-tested design. Or on the other hand, in case you’re in the camp that figures the GameCube was the zenith of Nintendo’s home comfort controllers, those are likewise now good with the assistance of a connector. The organization is notwithstanding discharging another line of them nearby the dispatch of Super Smash Bros. Extreme in December.


Movement controls have been incorporated with Nintendo frameworks locally since the Wii, and the Switch proceeds with that custom with the Joy-Con. Subsequently, they feel like right 1:1 movement and its saving utilization makes Nintendo the unmistakable champ here.

With the dispatch of PlayStation VR, Sony’s Move wands wound up significant once more and keeping in mind that they do the trap for a mid-extend VR framework, the following is a bit excessively unsteady and uncertain when looked at, making it impossible to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or even Nintendo. The camera that runs PSVR additionally incorporates an amplifier, to permit voice charges.

Microsoft has a rougher go of it this age. At dispatch, each Xbox One support came packaged with a Kinect, the infrared camera framework that got entire body developments before it and could tune in for voice orders through an implicit amplifier. Be that as it may, expensive equipment and very little programming to legitimize it prompted the organization ending the framework. It’s as yet accessible used if you need to try it out, yet Microsoft is so dedicated to disregarding it that you’ll require a connector to connect it to the Xbox One S or X models.


The key offering purpose of the Nintendo Switch is that it can be opened and taken fundamentally wherever you like. Ninty has ruled the handheld gaming scene for a considerable length of time, as far back as the GameBoy in the 90s, so it bodes well that it would proceed with that custom with the most ground-breaking convenient gadget at any point manufactured. With the reward of attaching it to the large TV in the lounge, obviously.


Microsoft has started to incorporate its comfort and PC gaming into one environment – purchasing an amusement that is a piece of the Play Anywhere program will give you access to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 adaptation of that diversion. Spare records can be shared crosswise over the two stages, and online multiplayer gets players from wherever onto similar servers.

Sony has a more restricted framework. Downloading the Remote Play application gives you a chance to play PS4 recreations on PC, PS Vita or Sony Xperia telephones, and the PS Now membership administration can likewise be utilized to play on either PS4 or PC.

Be that as it may, the energizing improvement is the way that Microsoft and Nintendo have begun to wind up interesting partners. Certain diversions, for example, Fortnite and Minecraft, enable gamers to bounce in together paying little mind to whether they’re playing on Xbox One, Switch or PC. Sony hosts have been welcome to the get-together, however, has so far been stylishly late.

Release date

The first forms of the Xbox One and PS4 were both propelled in November 2013, only half a month separated. In 2016 both additionally got a revive as the Xbox One S and PS4 Slim, offering minor equipment tune-ups in little bundles.

The PS4 Pro propelled in November 2016, an entire year before Microsoft’s Xbox One X. What’s more, in March 2017 Nintendo began the Switch, hauling it out of advance with whatever is left of the reassuring cycle.

Price (US$)

Having been out for a couple of years, costs on the consoles have descended. You would now be able to get either an Xbox One S, PS4 or Switch for $299. PS4 Pro will set you back 399 Dollars while the burly Xbox One X will leave a gap in your wallet of right around 500 bucks.


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